Suggested Immunization Schedule

Glendale Pediatrics wants to work with parents in establishing a safe and agreeable immunization schedule for their children based on their family habits, dietary tendencies, and medical history.

We strongly encourage the use of vaccines to aid a child's long-term wellness. 


Please refer to the CDC vaccine information statements included below, to find out more about the different types of vaccines. Further down you will find our recommended immunization schedule.



Suggested Immunization Schedule
1 month
2 months
4 months
6 months
6 months (During Flu Season)
9 months
12 months
15 months
18 months
2 years
4 years
5 years​
11- 12 years
16-18 years
Hepatitis B (2nd, first dose at the hospital)
DTaP, Hib, Rotarix
Two - Four weeks later Pneumococcal, Polio
DTaP, Hib, Rotarix
Two - Four weeks later Pneumococcal, Polio
DTaP, Hib (Rotarix optional)
Two - Four weeks later Pneumococcal
Four weeks later Influenza (2nd dose)
Hepatitis B (3rd)
MMR, Varicella 
Pnemococcal, Hepatitis A (1st dose)

Hepatitis A (2nd dose)
MMR, Varicella
DTaP, Polio
Tdap, Meningitis Vaccine, HPV series
Meningitis Vaccine (2nd dose)